Denise Stoughton: Natural Beauty in Design

by Feb 15, 2019

Inspired by globe-trotting, day tripping, found objects and high fashion, I’ve been designing home decor for two decades. Originally from the island of Manhattan, I traded concrete and glass skyscrapers for skyscrapers of the deciduous and coniferous variety and now live happily on Bainbridge Island in a small I’ve worked for large manufacturers and the products I’ve designed have sold at national retailers all across the country. Sure, that sounds glamorous but it has long been a dream to have my own design business as well as to create a small collection of specialty home decor that embodies an urban spirit and a longing for nature. I’ve done just that!

It’s my belief, everything in the natural world and in the man-made world is created by design and so (insert wink), I named my company BI Design. My first product launch is a collection of wall-art air planters under the brand name Modern Air Head – and this really is all you need to know about me (insert second wink). I look forward to informing, entertaining and getting to know you through my series of blog posts.

by | Feb 15, 2019